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Sustainable Commercial Cleaning
Ecoserv Group Sustainable Commercial Cleaning

Measure – Reduce – Offset – Remove.

Sustainability has been part of Ecoserv’s DNA since the business was founded in 1993. This goes beyond claiming we are eco-friendly, which has become a requirement in the business world. Sustainability has been part of our foundation from the very beginning, and that core DNA is now helping pave the way for new relationships.

As we examine our impact on people and planet, we consider how we can continue to thrive and navigate through a time of global challenges and influence others to join us on the journey.

The climate crisis is personal. It is about our children and their future, and unless we make radical change, they will miss out on what we have taken for granted

Ecoserv Group recognises that the climate crisis is the greatest threat facing our planet. It is abundantly clear to us that taking bold action now is the best thing we can do to contribute to a healthy future for our business, our stakeholders, and the planet as a whole.

Ecoserv Sustainability Ambitions

Sustainability is not just about environmental impact; it is also about people. It is about being inclusive and diverse and considering people’s well-being. We are a small business but we truly value our people, and that is why we invest in so many benefits to support our staff.

Within wider corporate social responsibility, we would also like to disrupt the marketplace and increase the living wage. And as Ecoserv grows we will continue to invest in our people.

Looking to the future, by 2030 we would like to become the largest sustainable facilities service provider in the UK. We would like to live up to the commitment we are making, to growth and sustainability, and ensure we make an impact.

Ecoserv Group Colour Bar

Ecoserv Group Sustainability Journey

Ecoserv Group ISO Certificate

ISO accreditations 9000, 14000 and 18000

Early adopter of Innuscience eco-friendly cleaning products

Ecoserv Group Restaurant Cleaning

Established a partnership with Numatic, which provided Ecoserv with sustainable and eco-friendly equipment

Ecoserv Group Waste Management

Began working with customers to improve waste streams and encourage recycling

Ecoserv Group Floor Cleaning

Early adopters of pulse mop and microfibre technology, which both improve efficiency and water usage

Ecoserv Group Sustainable Vehicles

Mileage trackers introduced into fleet, alongside driver awareness courses to help monitor and reduce emissions

Ecoserv Group Growth

ISO accreditation for both information and energy management

Paperless office initiative introduced, including investment into Microsoft Teams and remote working

Jean-Henri and Henry Beukes lead management buyout

facilities management

Introduced ‘train travel first’ policy for business travel

Begin exploration into electric vehicle fleet

Achieved ISO accreditation for risk management

Moved to Howbery Park site, chosen for its solar powered energy and zero landfill policy

Ecoserv Group Commercial Cleaning

Acquisition of Regency Cleaning

Launched a partnership with our product supplier to implement minimum price target for deliveries

Ecoserv Group Electric Vehicles

Shareholders and directors changed to electric vehicles and began investing in a hybrid fleet

Ecoserv Group Facilities Management Services

Acquisition of JPM and Cooltech Environmental Engineering

Carbon management plan with RSK to benchmark emissions

Ecoserv Environmental Impact

At Ecoserv, we know that any good strategy starts with an awareness of the current landscape. How can you set a target if you don’t have a benchmark to work from? That’s why we commissioned RSK to assess our GHG emissions, and provide us with a Carbon Management Plan to help us develop possible ways to manage and reduce them.

View a full breakdown of our 2020 emissions by source, as well as more detail about our plans and current performance in our 2021 Group Sustainability Report – in short, however, Ecoserv Group has strategies for each element of our overall sustainability pillar, including:

Our 70 Acre site at Howberry Park

We chose Howberry because of their genuine dedication to the environment.

Sustainable Transport Solutions

We are committed to fully electric vehicles in support of government’s 2030 target.

Our Supply Chain

Our rigorous auditing process involves a sustainability assessment of potential suppliers.

Responsible Products

We only use products that are effective, planet- conscious and cruelty-free.

Resource Efficiency

Ecoserv works to optimise energy efficiency, reduce consumption, and minimise waste.


Ecoserv works to optimise energy efficiency, reduce consumption, and minimise waste

Ecoserv Social Impact

Ecoserv is committed to making a positive impact on our community, and a workplace of connectedness, community, and collaboration where our colleagues can thrive. Equality and accessibility are the bedrock of future environmental regeneration, so our social impact is a key pillar in our journey towards greater sustainability.

We base our objectives and activities on five core commitments:

  1. To create a workplace with purpose where people can grow and be safe.
  2. To empower everyone to play their part in a healthier and safer workplace.
  3. To develop and up skill people for their futures.
  4. To build an inclusive workplace where everyone feels they belong.
  5. To positively impact the communities in which we work.

Read more about Training and Support, Culture, Covid-19 Response, Charity Partnerships, Governance and the work of our Dedicated Sustainability Department

Taking care of our planet works hand in hand with taking care of our people, we create a positive impact on our staff and local communities.


Ecoserv Group’s 6 ISOs demonstrate our commitment to quality and robust management systems.

We achieve our accreditations to protect our people and align with our customers. 2022 targets more sustainability accreditations with ambitious goals for BCorp and SFMI


Ecoserv Group strives to deliver the very best services and advice – awards are the happy by-product of that commitment.

Ecoserv Group Great Brutish Entrepreneur Awards

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards & Community - 2019 - Highly Commended

Ecoserv Group Growing Business Awards

Growing Business Awards - 2021 - Finalist

Ecoserv Group Green Apple Awards

The Green Apple Environmental Awards - 2022 - Winner

Ecoserv Group: Championing Sustainability in Collaboration with Ecologi

Ecoserv Group is a pioneer in eco-engaged service providers, driven by an unyielding commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Collaborating with the impactful initiative of Ecologi, Ecoserv stands at the forefront of a global movement to create lasting positive change.

Rooted in the belief that individual actions yield collective impact, Ecoserv Group harnesses the power of conscious lifestyle choices to drive meaningful change. Our philosophy underscores that even minor adjustments can catalyse significant shifts towards a more sustainable future.

In line with Ecologi’s trailblazing initiatives, Ecoserv Group is a prime example of the efficacy of teamwork. We actively contribute to the growing momentum for climate action worldwide by utilising our skills, knowledge, and resources. Ecoserv’s mission demonstrates our commitment to a greener future. We remain steadfast in our commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2030, whether through offsetting our emissions or investing in carbon removal projects.

In the symphony of environmental advocacy, Ecoserv Group’s harmonious collaboration with Ecologi underscores our shared vision: a world where sustainability isn’t just a goal but a way of life.

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