//Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Further to the WHO labeling the outbreak of the disease as a pandemic and the UK government’s latest advice to work from home where possible those who are office-based can work remotely to avoid spreading the disease.

We take our responsibility as business owners seriously and endeavor to be as proactive as we can. These measures are taken in order to delay and slow down the spread of the virus to reduce infections, deaths and the strain on our healthcare systems. After consulting with other business leaders and governing bodies we are issuing the following guidance to our customers and cleaners:

Head Office Site Closure

  • We have activated remote working from Home for all HO employees.
  • We are mitigating any delay in communications or sharing of information between departments by using our cloud-based systems.
  • For Head Office Enquiries, you can reach your contact through email or on 0800 612 6756 and queries will be redirected to the relevant department’s mobile.

Regional Directors

  • Remote working where possible for all Regional Directors.
  • When meeting with the staff they will ensure good hygiene practice as per Public Health England’s advice.
  • They are still available and working and can be reached by phone and email.
  • Appropriate measures will be taken if Staff report in unwell with colleagues and customers being informed.


    • The most important thing individuals can do to protect themselves is to wash their hands more often, for at least 20 seconds, with soap and water.
      • Public Health England recommends handwashing
        • before eating
        • after coughing and sneezing,
        • after using toilets
        • after traveling on public transport.
      • On-Site:
        • Hand washing guidance as above to be applied.
        • In addition, washing hands when entering and leaving sites.
        • Special care is to be taken over entry points, such as door handles, as these are touched the most.
        • Wearing gloves is encouraged for extra protection. Whilst wearing them still avoid touching the face, shaking hands and contact with anyone else.
          • Remember to wash your hands, as advised, after removing gloves and dispose of them.


  • We encourage you to continue cleaning even in the event of closure to disinfect and deep clean.
  • We strongly recommend cleaning out of hours, please speak to your Regional Director to adjust timings and they will arrange with the staff.
  • If your site has been officially contaminated with an outbreak of COVID-19 you need to follow government guidelines and then discuss if cleaning can be arranged and your REgional Director will advise you on how best to clean the area.
  • If your site is closed indefinitely we ask you to work with us to ensure we can act sustainably. Your Regional Director will be in touch to discuss business contingency plans.

With remote working, communication becomes even more critical for business and we want to stay connected to all staff and customers.

We wish you all the best of health and thank you for your continued business.

Kind regards,

Jean Henri Beukes

Group Managing Director
ESL Group

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