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COVID-19 Fogging Services across the Country- Ecocleen

Following the Government COVID-19 guidelines, Ecocleen has been offering reliable and effective fogging services to a variety of sectors throughout the country, ranging from schools to commercial buildings, along with providing other high-quality specialised cleaning services.

Fogging services to help you prevent COVID-19 spread and treat outbreaks:

Our electrostatic Clorox 360 machines and handheld Victory sprayers make cleaning quick and effective. Since the spray’s particles are electrostatically charged, disinfectants wrap around surfaces and coat them evenly.

The electrostatic spray is perhaps the most effective way to treat high touch point areas such as door and window handles, walls, floors, work surfaces, toilets, taps, and keyboards. The same is true for equipment and difficult-to-reach areas.

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The main features and benefits of electrostatic spray disinfection include:

  • When compared to conventional sprayers, it takes half the time to coat and clean all surfaces and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Improves infection control, and the spread of viruses such as Norovirus, seasonal flu, and many others.
  • Applies disinfectant in a more efficient, controlled way, keeping product wastage to a minimum.

Is fogging an effective replacement for regular cleaning routines?

No, it does not. Fogging is a disinfection process that will make it safe to undertake normal activities within the space. Daily cleaning is also essential to protect against the coronavirus and to maintain good hygiene.

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