//Ecocleen team members collect Howbery Honey

Ecocleen team members collect Howbery Honey

Three members of the Ecocleen team recently had the chance to make honey from the hives at our new home in Howbery Business Park. 

One of our primary values at Ecocleen is be a greener company. We want to provide a sustainable future for all of our customers, as well as for ourselves. It was because of these values that Ecocleen decided to move to Howbery Business Park in July 2018. Set in 70 acres of countryside on the fronts of the River Thames, the park has a passion for nature and sustainability – the solar panels at Howbery have provided roughly 40% of the park’s energy for the last 3 months.  

Howbery also has a strong focus on the local community and produces local honey to be sold at the on-site shop to anyone who visits the park. When the opportunity came up to extract some of that honey straight from the Howbery hives, three members of the Ecocleen team were quick to offer their help… 

Luckily, when we arrived the bees were nowhere to be found – the frames had already been extracted from the hives and taken indoors so the honey could be extracted. The honey that we were extracting was a surplus that would freeze over winter, making it inedible for the bees, and the beekeepers made sure to leave enough honey inside the hives for the bees to survive winter.  

We had to scrape off the curd with a large knife, to expose the runny honey underneath.  

The frames were then put into a machine which spun them around very fast to push the honey out.  

Finally, we filled up our glass jars with the fresh honey, popped some stickers on them and took them home to try!   

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