//Is your surgery ready for the end of lockdown?

Is your surgery ready for the end of lockdown?

In a new series, Ecocleen is sharing articles written by own Franchisee’s. This blog was written by Ecocleen Thames Valley Regional Director, Michael Currie. 

The current state:

Due to the impact of covid-19, surgeries across the country and the world have been in the frontlines with health professionals doing their utmost to ensure that the public are able to receive medical assistance where and when needed whilst keeping staff safe.

With surgeries having to limit contact with patients due to the crisis and doing more telephonic consultations we can make use of this time to ensure that surgeries have been successfully deep cleaned and thoroughly disinfected for the safety of all the staff and visitors.

Establishing a clinically clean environment for consultations:

There has always been a focus on sterilisation and cleanliness with regards to surgeries whether they are doctor or dental practices. Surgeries have an opportunity to take this time to ensure that all the surfaces and high traffic areas have been thoroughly deep cleaned and disinfected.

With the attention this crisis has put on how easy it is to catch a virus the importance of making sure that the environments you work in are able to meet the expectations of your patients.

We need to be proactive about cleaning, complying with CQC and ensuring that the daily cleaning you receive follows these guidelines. The CQC checklists should be ticked daily by the cleaning staff so they can be verified by the practice manager and admin staff.

This is where Ecocleen can assist:


Ecocleen Thames Valley has invested in Electrostatic Sprayers and with them, we can deliver fast and effective disinfection of your workspaces, school, surgery, etc. with a quick turnaround time. We can also assist with your day to day cleaning as well as deep cleans.

Electrostatic spraying applies an even coating of disinfectant, while applying an electric charge to the liquid in order to get it to fully cover a surface. With this charge we can get the disinfectant to wrap around the surfaces due to the opposing charge.

Using this in conjunction with chemical/disinfectant that is up to the standard required assists in eliminating all possible pathogens left on these surfaces are dealt with.

The fine mist that the electrostatic sprayer gives out helps us get better coverage in a fraction of the time making sure all surfaces are safely sanitised. Due to the way the electrostatic sprayer works we can do a contactless disinfection of the area maximising the efficiency of the work that is carried out.

We are here to assist in providing a service that will give you comfort that all the necessary steps have been taken for business to continue as usual.

For more information on this system or for any other cleaning needs you may have during this time or post Covid-19 please do not hesitate to contact myself.

Michael Currie – 07827 512 670 or on [email protected]

This is what some of our customers have to say about our service –

Louise West, Practice Manager, Bell Surgery

 “We a very good working relationship with Ecocleen. When Michael came on board he seemed absolutely genuine – when he says he’s going to do something, I trust that he will. It’s refreshing to have somebody that can see things with the same eyes as me and say, “this is a problem, and this is what we’re going to do to fix it”. We do regular audits, and that’s been very effective. He tries to address any issues with the cleaners in the best way that he can, and by working together with that understanding we’ve made massive progress.

“Ecocleen understand that we have treatment room floors, where our nurses are on their knees doing dressings, and we obviously want to make sure that the nurse feels that it’s okay to kneel on the floor, so we want to make sure that they’re kept as clean as possible. There’s quite a lot of footfall through the surgery and Michael really gets the importance of that. He knows that our main priorities are touchpoints so that people aren’t picking up infection when they come into the surgery, and the areas where patients go, so he makes sure that all of those are really kept up to scratch.

“We’re very happy with Ecocleen’s green ethos. It’s about keeping the balance between cleanliness and the green aspect, and they do their best to find products that satisfy both of those. Their rates are competitive, and they haven’t whacked the prices up every year like some companies do.

“Michael is very approachable, he’s open and honest, and he’s also fun to work with. I never thought I’d enjoy doing a cleaning audit!”

Sarah Moberly, Practice Manager, The Hart Surgery

“We shopped around for a new cleaning company as we were not happy with our previous cleaners – they did not do a very good job and did not respond to complaints or concerns.

We chose Ecocleen because they understood the standards required for a GP surgery in order to comply with CQC recommendations. They are effective at tackling our industry-specific cleaning challenges – they understand that our clinical areas must be an exceptionally high standard of cleanliness to meet CQC requirements.

Cost is always a consideration for us, but it is more about value for money – cheap but useless is not our mandate. We need a cleaning company that understands CQC and inspection control implications, i.e. audits and recording. We respect and trust their customer relationship manager, and they clean to a high standard.

Ecocleen are very responsive to any concerns raised, their staff are reliable, and they carry out regular monthly audits”

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