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A Shift from Cleaning Services to Total Facilities Management

The International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) defines facilities management as the operational structure that combines people, places, and processes within the built environment to improve people’s quality of life and the core business’s productivity. Total facilities management (TFM) is therefore defined as the process of consolidating and integrating all facility management services into a single contract and under a single provider in order to centralise all service provisions and thereby minimise operating time and costs.

The rising complexity of organisational infrastructure, as well as the sophisticated technology connected with control and communication within and outside most organisations, has generated a critical need for expert facilities management. Many major corporations and small and medium-sized businesses assume that facility management consists solely of building maintenance. As a result, they choose to outsource particular responsibilities such as cleaning, security, and electrical services to independent contractors. Some may even contemplate granting it to voluntary employees who have demonstrable expertise and skill sets. While this strategy may appear straightforward and appealing at first, it is often more chaotic and less productive than total facilities management due to the substantial number of contracts to handle and the likelihood of budgeting and billing duplication.

When your company’s TFM needs are outsourced to a suitable sole supplier, you can be confident that your integral assets, such as infrastructures, equipment and property, inventories, and other operational systems, will perform in harmony and be sufficiently maintained to achieve organisational goals. Total facilities management relieves you and your clients of all risks and duties involved with facilities management. With these roadblocks removed, you can focus entirely on running your business in a secure, comfortable, productive, and sustainable environment.

It is critical to examine the following factors when selecting a total facilities management supplier for your organisation:

  • The availability of equipment, technology, and personnel
  • Suppliers’ dedication to quality
  • Client interaction and communication
  • Business licensing and insurance
  • Risk administration
  • Sustainability

Benefits of Total Facilities Management

A singular point of contact – Managing your organisation’s numerous facilities through a single provider is easier than traditional facilities management. TFM allows you to save time and effort that would otherwise be spent managing and monitoring separate activities.

Cost-effectiveness – A unified approach reduces the cost and inconveniences of managing separate contractors significantly. It also guarantees that operating expenditures are not duplicated. Non-value-added tasks, such as rework, are also avoided as a result of inefficient and unskilled service providers.

Flexibility – TFM has the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Performance tracking – Investing in the correct provider to handle your organisation’s facilities management needs provides you with the opportunity to track the performance of all the different services supplied and make adjustments as necessary.  This assists with accountability and documentation processes. 

Improved efficiency – The proper management of an organisation’s facilities acts as a welcome boost to workers’ morale. It guarantees that all properties are in excellent shape and that the employees’ health and safety are not jeopardised in any manner. As a result, staff productivity rises, reflecting the overall efficiency of the organisation.

Ease of transition – The transition from in-house management or individual contractors to TFM is quick and straightforward. This is especially true if you have outsourced your facilities management needs to the appropriate sole supplier—no data loss will occur during the changeover.

Operational security – Any commercial asset that fails can create severe interruptions in business operations. Keeping this in mind, a well-functioning system of operation is critical. Your assets and facilities are adequately maintained when your TFM is outsourced to the correct supplier, and any losses are avoided.

A central hub for data – Management information on all services offered is available in a single package, resulting in speedier decision-making within the organisation.

Consistency – A sole supplier assures the same level of quality in all services delivered.

In Conclusion

At Ecoserv Group, we understand that comprehensive engagement with our clients in delivering results-oriented TFM is critical to maintaining smooth and effective business operations. Our skilled staff are dedicated to offering superior TFM solutions that satisfy today’s challenging requirements. We have extensive experience and range because we have had the opportunity to work with numerous organisations and SMEs from various sectors such as sports and leisure, education, healthcare, retail, commercial, corporate facilities, manufacturing, automotive industries, and many others.

Jean-Henri Beukes – Group CEO

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