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Being Covid Secure after Re-opening Your Workplace

Michael Currie, Regional Director Ecocleen Thames Valley, has written a new blog focussing on how businesses can be safe when they reopen.

Upon returning to your workplace it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure safe working practices are put in place so the health and safety of your staff and in turn any visitors to your premises are kept at the appropriate levels.

We can accomplish this by being mindful of the below points:

  1. Ensure employees are aware of proper hygiene measures and have these predominantly displayed on posters that give clear guidance on how to ensure their safety on site e.g. washing  hands regularly (a link to the NHS guide to washing hands can be found here, avoiding handshakes, practising social distancing etc.
  2. Although some of your staff will be at the office try to minimise face to face meetings by continuing to use online meeting platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
  3. Move to a paperless solution in the office by making use of platforms like Microsoft Teams for collaboration with colleagues.
  4. Plastic screens are a great way of preventing infection spread of COVID-19 and offer protection to your staff and customers
  5. Look at increasing your cleaning frequency to assist in ensuring surfaces, touchpoints and bathrooms are kept clean and germ free. Certain areas will require more focus, such as door handles, receptions, toilets, hot desks.
  6. Place sanitiser dispensers in high traffic areas and encourage everyone to use them regularly.
  7. If employees are displaying   Covid-19 symptoms, ensure that they are sent home and contact the NHS. Disinfect any areas that they have had exposure to. Advise their colleagues and ask them to be aware.

If you require any deep cleans, disinfections services, sanitisation stations or daily cleaning provided by a professional green cleaning company certified in dealing with Covid-19 cleans please do not hesitate to contact Ecocleen on 0800 612 6756.

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