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Book a Specialist Back to School Clean with Ecoserv Group

Keeping schools clean during COVID-19 is critical for the well-being and health of students, teachers, and administrators, as well as their families and the wider community.Whether you’re seeking to replace your current cleaning providers, outsource for the first time, or book one-time cleaning services, Ecoserv can tailor its eco-friendly cleaning services to meet your requirements.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning involves floor-to-ceiling cleaning and disinfecting in a school building that sets the stage for regular, less comprehensive cleaning of heavily traveled areas and surfaces.

Electrostatic Fogging

Electrostatic fogging uses a disinfectant spray from a hand-held machine that coats and wraps around surfaces evenly. It is an effective method for disinfecting surfaces, hard-to-reach areas that are frequently overlooked or ignored, as well as small, restricted spaces.

Visible Day Cleaning 

Visible day cleaning is self-explanatory. It’s cleaning that takes place during daytime, opening hours. With daytime cleaning, workers are present and ‘on standby’ to carry out cleaning duties that may arise throughout the day.

Touchpoint Cleaning

Touchpoint cleaning involves cleaning high-traffic areas that a person often touches such as door handles, light switches, keyboards, elevator buttons, and much more. These areas are considered high-risk areas for contracting diseases, viruses, germs, and other pathogens.

Health and Safety Assured

  • Our cleaning staff will always ensure that all cleaning supplies and equipment are securely stored at the end of each day.
  • All of our employees and cleaning partners in the UK receive comprehensive training.
  • All of our cleaning operatives will wear a uniform and an id badge at all times while on-site to ensure they are easily identified as a part of the cleaning team.
  • All cleaning staff have undergone DBS checks.
  • All cleaning staff have received Health & Safety and Customer Service training.

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Ecoserv Group Colour Bar