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Case Study – Ella’s Kitchen

Ecocleen are proud to have been working with Ella’s Kitchen for over 6 years. Ella’s Kitchen is a certified B Corp which means we share many of the same values. Ecocleen & Ella’s Kitchen both work hard to ensure their staff are happy & supported both in & out of the work place, we both are passionate about the environment and aim to be the change we want to see in the world, this leads into how both companies act with integrity and consideration in all we do.

Ecocleen recently sat down with Louise Fishlock who works at Ella’s Kitchen to discuss the relationship between our two companies:

“When tenders went out about 6 years ago before we chose our previous cleaning company, we obtained a quote from Ecocleen, however at that particular time it was a bit too high so chose another company. As they were letting us down in communication and quality of service, we started looking at other cleaning companies. Our receptionist knew Ecocleen’s owner at that time, so we asked them to come in to quote for us. We chose Ecocleen against three other companies because of their ethos, values and passion for the environment, as we have the same very strong values. 

Communication is key 

Since switching to Ecocleen,  there’s been a huge difference. Our previous issue was lack of communication as we had no regular contact with the management. We were constantly trying to arrange an appointment for them to come in and meet us, however they never returned our calls. With Ecocleen,  we have that face-to-face contact, which is brilliant, and a communication book, so everything is much better.  Ecocleen’s quality of service and sustainability policy is great too. 

Going the extra mile 

Our biggest challenges are making sure that the crockery and cutlery are cleaned at the end of the day and put back in the correct place, as we use so much here. We do our utmost to get everything in the dishwashers and clean as much as we can but obviously, we have to return to work after lunch. It may seem a little job to the cleaners, but it means so much to us. 

Friendly faces 

The cleaners Tashka & Ivan are just amazing. They work so hard, we never have a problem with them, they know where everything goes at the end of the day and they do a fantastic job. If they have a problem, then they will tell us, and vice versa, so we have a great relationship with them. They are very friendly and are really liked by everyone in the office too.  Ecocleen also has a very strong management team, which is brilliant. 

 Well looked after 

The company we used before were supposed to do an audit each month, but it only happened every three months and then we would not receive a report – we felt that we were chasing them up for everything all the time, it was hard work. So, to have Ecocleen’s Regional Director, Michael, come in regularly to do an audit and to check everything is okay definitely makes a difference. 

We look forward a long and happy relationship with Ecocleen 

A core Ecocleen value is our commitment to our customers, over the past 6 years we have worked with Ella’s Kitchen to build a strong relationship based on honesty and transparency. We pride ourselves on the open relationships we have established with the companies we work with. If you would like to find out more about how Ecocleen can help your business, please call us on 0800 612 6756.

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