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Sustainability at Ecoserv Group: Integrating ESG

ESG is the acronym for Environmental, Social, and (Corporate) Governance, the three broad categories, or areas, of interest for what is termed an ESG-friendly operational stance. At Ecoserv Group, we consider it important to incorporate our values into our daily operations instead of simply considering the potential profitability and/or risk.

ESG – Environmental

Environmental criteria include a company’s use of renewable energy sources, such as its waste management program, how it handles potential air or water pollution problems arising from its operations, deforestation issues, and its approach and actions around climate change issues.

At the Ecoserv Group, we aim to measure our carbon footprint and set reduction targets to help keep the Earth’s warming below 1.5 degrees. Our efforts involve employing locally to reduce travel emissions; using sustainable and renewable uniforms and products; adopting a completely paperless system; transitioning our executive team and fleet to electrical and/or hybrid vehicles; using energy-efficient equipment; the eradication of single-use plastic.

ESG – Social

Social criteria cover a vast range of potential issues. There are many separate social aspects of ESG, but all of them are essentially about social relationships. One of the key relationships for a company is its relationship with its employees.

At the Ecoserv Group, our social and cultural impact and influence form a core factor in the group’s values. We aim to create a workplace with purpose, where our staff can grow and feel empowered, as well as have a positive impact on our local community. We provide ongoing training which offers social mobility and allows us to promote and enrich the lives of those in our Ecoserv family. We are also a Recognised Service Provider for the Living Wage Foundation.

ESG – Governance

Corporate Governance is how we implement good practice and compliance throughout our business.

At the Ecoserv Group, we have achieved 6 ISOs which are audited annually. We believe in complete transparency and uphold diversity across all fields of employment. We are a company that is passionate about growth for the people and for the business. 

We are on a continuous journey to join forces with acquisitions to expand service offerings, we look for businesses whose value propositions align with ours as well as add the best value to our existing customer base which in turn will open up the opportunity to serve new customers.

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