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Sanitising Machines

Ecocleen’s new machine will sanitise your site!

Ecocleen has expanded its range of cleaning machines to include a new state-of-the-art handheld machine to fight viruses.

The Electrostatic Disinfectant Handheld Sprayer uses Electrostatic Technology to sanitise spaces quickly and effectively. There is no place for viruses to hide with its 360-degree coverage of all surfaces and it takes a fraction of the time of traditional cleaning methods.

What is Electrostatic Technology?
Electrostatic technology positively charges atoms in the liquid as they pass through the spray nozzle, when they are sprayed into a room, these positively charged droplets then seek out and wrap themselves around surfaces. This results in an even coating of sanitiser over all surfaces in the sprayed area – even the hard to reach areas.  

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What are the benefits of Electrostatic Spray Technology?
Electrostatic Spray Technology is 4 times faster than traditional cleaning methods, it also uses 65% less solution. Using the Spray Technology allows for immediate room re-entry as the solution dries almost instantly, there is no need to tape off rooms or power sockets. 

What goes into the machine?
Ecocleen uses OdorBac in our electrostatic spray machines, Odor Bac Tec⁴ is a powerful multi-purpose cleaning fluid that will kill 99% of bacteria. Developed over the course of 15 years to be used in the commercial cleaning sector, it offers superior results at all sites including hospitals, care homes, offices, and schools.
As well as killing 99% of bacteria, Odor Bac Tec⁴ is also an incredibly effective stain remover, carpet cleaner, and odour eliminator. 

Fight back against viruses with a service that you can trust. Our sanitisation services mean that you can be sure that you have provided the cleanest and safest environment for staff and customers. 

Call 0800 612 6756 or fill in an enquiry form to book-in today. 

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