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Ecoserv Group COVID-19 Cleaning Services

The recent coronavirus pandemic has transformed our lives completely, and extreme cleaning measures have become the new normal.

If your organization is affected by a COVID-19 outbreak, or if you wish to take extra precautions, we provide a variety of services to clean your premises, furnishings, and equipment, assisting you in protecting and reassuring your employees, students, and customers.

Our services can be booked as one-off cleans, on a regular basis, or as an addition to your existing cleaning schedule.

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The science behind our specialist services

On application, a mono-molecular layer forms a barrier of positively charged microscopic pins that bonds permanently to the surface. Negatively charged pathogens are attracted to and pierced by the positively charged microscopic pins. The pins rupture the cell walls. This causes the pathogen to break up with a lethal effect.

Cleaning routines can continue without disrupting the molecules or their antimicrobial activity. This method of rupturing the cell prevents the cell from mutating, preventing infection and virus development.

Deep cleaning

Cleaning should be performed prior to disinfection to ensure that all areas are clean and that subsequent disinfection is effective.

Electrostatic fogging

Our electrostatic technology effectively covers every surface to treat COVID-19 as well as a wide spectrum of pathogens.

Visible day cleaning

We can change cleaning schedules during the day to ensure the safety of your employees and visitors, or to allow extra cleans.

Touchpoint cleaning

To prevent the spread of germs, we can disinfect frequently touched places such as toilet handles, door handles, light switches, and taps.

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