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Washroom Services
Washroom Services by Ecoserv Group

Ecoserv Group has over 25 years of experience providing cost-effective washroom services to businesses and educational facilities across the UK, including London, Bournemouth, and Leicester.

For private and public sector businesses in education, medical and health care, offices and commercial buildings, car dealerships, fitness and leisure, industrial, retail, and film productions, we have the resources and expertise to provide washroom and toilet cleaning services as well as stock replenishment, including soap dispensers, hand sanitiser, toilet roll, air fresheners, and sanitary bins.

Over 600 businesses in the UK, including gyms, offices, and hospitals, use Ecoserv Group’s sustainable, cost-effective, and tailored washroom services.

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Washroom services

Why Ecoserv Group?

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We clean it all – and we practice what we preach

Ecoserv Group takes great pride in managing our business in a way that impacts the environment in a friendly, positive, and thoughtful manner. We have implemented many sustainable initiatives which include eco-friendly cleaning products, energy-efficient equipment, and company vehicles, paperless working, waste management, and much more.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Introduced recycled uniforms & lanyards.

Achieved 100% paperless at HO and online site files.

New partnership with Lyreco with closed loop & zero single-use plastic roadmap.

EV Transport and Fleet

Exec Team 100% EV.

Fleet Increasing in 2020 to 15% and currently for 2021 20%.

Carbon Footprint

Calculated our carbon footprint with RSK for scope 1,2, 3 and set reduction targets for 2025.

Offset 2020 to be Operationally Carbon Neutral with Ecologi.

Sustainable Solutions

Q3 partnered with Waste Management Company for sustainable solutions.

Acquisition of Cooltech for Commercial Cleaning services.

Social Impact

In Work: Wellbeing Health Assured Platform. Recognition schemes & training.

2022 D&I training and recruitment training.

Armed forces covenant.

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Commercial Cleaning Additional Services Summary

We take care of many added aspects, critical to creating spaces where people can thrive.

These add-on service include, but are not limited to:


Ecoserv Group’s 6 ISOs demonstrate our commitment to quality and robust management systems.

We achieve our accreditations to protect our people and align with our customers. 2022 targets more sustainability accreditations with ambitious goals for BCorp and SFMI